Christian Counseling Services was created in 1998 to answer the need for specific Biblically-Based counseling in Nebraska.  We offer Christ-Centered counseling to those in need. We use God’s Truths to resolve human problems, for there is no problem we can have that God does not have an answer for. God is all about restoring relationships and reconciling us to Himself. CCS is all about doing that. By showing God’s compassion, empathy and understanding, hearts are healed and lives are restored. We all have an emptiness inside us that God put there, but we try filling it with everything but Him. We at CCS try to help people understand that God wants to fill that empty spot in our lives with his love for us. Once we experience the fullness of His love in our lives, we don’t need those other things in our lives to try and make us happy. Once we experience His forgiveness and healing power in our hearts and lives, we have a whole new perspective on life and we can move forward with a more accurate, healthy sense of self, one that reflects how God sees us, not how the world sees us. Then we can have the peace and joy in our hearts that only He can deliver. And only then, can we move forward in our lives and feel whole and complete in Christ.

Three Nebraska Offices


Holdrege Office

(308) 995-9399 

McCook Office 

(308) 345-4880 

Alma Office

(866) 995-9399 



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